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The Duke Expansions: Rethinking Packaging

After releasing our tabletop, tile-laying game The Duke last year, we also released a series of expansions; 4 to 8 tiles for a variety of different styles of play.

Here is the packaging for those expansions (the photo is of the Robert E. Howard Expansion).

The idea, of course, would be to have these hanging (pegged) by retailers. What we found, however, is that we got a lot of feedback from retailers that the package wasn’t working. Most retailers don’t have a lot of room for games and certainly not a lot of room for hanging items. 

So instead they just put them on the shelf next to the base game box, but it means they just lay there, not looking very good, too easily missed by a browsing customer, and so on.

As we reprinted the box set and started designing new expansion packs of tiles, we decided we needed to shift into something that would allow the tiles to be displayed upright as well as still pegged (for those retailers able to go that route).

A Cclamshell turned out to be the perfect packaging for this; here’s a sample (the name of the insert doesn’t match the tiles…just a sample of what the final will look like).

We’re hoping to have two expansion packs (Reinforcements: City Troops and Siege Engines: Middle Ages) available for sale at Gen Con, and then they’ll be available on retail store shelves in the fall.

The new printing of our award-winning The Duke (shown in the photo) will be on sale at Gen Con and on retailer store shelves by late August/Early September (hope to have a specific street date very soon).

Shadowrun: Crossfire, blogs in review


We’ve been posting a lot of cool stuff surrounding Shadowrun: Crossfire. Including the fact that the Street Date has been announced and if you don’t have a local game store, you can order it directly from us now.

However, despite all the fun news, there may be some of you that are relatively new to hearing about Crossfire and would like some more details. For well over a year we’ve been doling out blogs on discussing all aspects of Crossfire

I thought I’d provide the titles and links to those blogs here as an easy way for people to review everything, or just pick and choose what they’re interested in. Starting oldest and flowing to newest at the bottom…enjoy!

Crossfire: Bringing deck-building to the Shadowrun Universe

Shadowrun: Crossfire Overview

Crossfire: Crossing Genres

Caught up in the Crossfire: An interview with Gregory Marques

Crossfire: Cooperating on a Co-op

Crossfire: Buying to Hand

Crossfire: What’s Going to Work? Teamwork!

Crossfire: The Black Market

Crossfire: Damage Tracks

Crossfire: Riding Your Luck until it Explodes: Pacing and Tension

Crossfire: Developing the Metatypes

Crossfire: Taking It To The Next Level

Crossfire: Taking Out The Trash

Crossfire: Why I like to play the Street Samurai: Simplicity with Versatility

Crossfire: Not in the Face!

Crossfire: Decking With Style

Crossfire: Mage in the House

And finally, don’t forget the great Dice Tower review to cap off all of that reading!

Shadowrun: Crossfire…cause, well, Shadowrun!

I’ve posted a fair bit about Shadowrun: Crossfire over the last few months, showing off this great deck-building game that’s almost available.

We just ran a great Virtual Run that ultimately lead to a winner that’ll get a free copy of the game and unlocked the full Demo Kit files so you can be print them out and be playing right now!

But what IS Shadowrun: Crossfire, for those new here? It’s a cooperative-deckbuilding game that moves our abilities to tell fantastic, brutal stories of Shadowrun into a whole new and exciting medium.

Here’s a quick rundown of the game play (as found on the back of the Decker Role Card).

Additionally, you can read the full back cover of the box as well as find an excellent review of the game to get more details on Crossfire.

I’ve been playing the game myself, of course. And I’ve decided Indentured Otaku is one of my top 5 favorite Obstacles, as it captures the essence of Shadowrun so well, IMO.

First, game-mechanic wise, it’s a brutal card with that starting 5 in there. Also, the dual Decker icons, combined with the 2 damage and relatively low payout on the nuyen…just a nice, tough card but you don’t get much out of it.

Second, the Otaku element is something so very Shadowrun. Combined with the wonderful, haunted imagery on the card…again, for me, just captures that “trying to survive despite a soulless world endlessly kicking me down” that is why Shadowrun is alive and kicking better than ever 25 years later.

Enjoy the demo of Crossfire…we’ll be putting it up for pre-sale and announcing a Street Date very soon!




The final chapter in the Valiant Universe RPG Quick-Start Rules supplementals allows players to tackle Major Palmer, Shakespeare and others as they come out of retirement and are thrown into the brutal fray!

You can download it either off of or the DriveThruRPG Valiant Universe RPG Digital Initiative page

And if you like what you see, don’t forget you can snag the PDF/Print Preorder of the full rulebook right now!

Shadowrun: Crossfire Virtual Run: Sneak Peak @ PDF 01/15

We just launched a Shadowrun: Crossfire Virtual Run!

What’s Shadowrun: Crossfire? It’s a fantastic, cooperative-play deck-building game that will soon be hitting store shelves. Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower provides a great video of the game, allowing you to see the components, the game play and ultimately his review.

For this Virtual Run, below you’ll see the cover sheet for PDF 01/15, along with a partial look at 6 of the 8 cards on the card sheet.

 Good luck, chummers!

Valiant Universe RPG PDF Is Available! (And a Limited Edition book!)


I’ve been publishing books for over 15 years now. And yet, despite all of that time, there are absolute milestones of enjoyment that never change (if they did change I’d probably stop…).

1. Starting the book and the excitement that a new project brings.

2. Watching a book come together as you work with a variety of talented people.

3. The slog at the end when you never think it’s going to end (and often you find yourself hating the project…you can’t help it after so much time and effort and…it…won’t…end!) Sure, this doesn’t ‘sound’ like joy, but it does bring it’s own satisfaction and you work through this stage and come out the other side.

4. When the PDF goes into the wild!

5. When you get a shipment from the printer and open it to hold the book/game in your hand.

6. When you review those first reactions from the community.

7. When you get to create a “deluxe” or “limited edition” book.

There’s a few more here and there, but those are the highlight. And we’ve gone through points 1 to 3 and today point 4 is reached!!! 

Also, I’m also crazy excited that we’re getting a chance to create a Limited Edition version of the rulebook. I use digital assets in just about every way possible…but there’s something about holding a book in my hand that will never go away. And the more cool and rare the book, the better the experience. That we get to add a Valiant Universe RPG LE to my shelves and to yours…yeah, crazy sweet. 

Check out the full details on the LE, standard book and how you can snag the PDF right now!


Cover to Shadowrun Run Faster and SR5 One-Year Anniversary

It’s the one year anniversary for when Shadowrun, Fifth Edition released its PDF/Print Preorders. To celebrate we’re releasing Echo Chernik’s brilliant cover for the next core rulebook under development, Run Faster…check out more details at