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Prototype map for Shadowrun: Hostile Takeover. Think the size of the locations and the soon-to-be AROs is finally right…now to verify eveything is there and let Matt start making it all look crazy cool…

Prototype map for Shadowrun: Hostile Takeover. Think the size of the locations and the soon-to-be AROs is finally right…now to verify eveything is there and let Matt start making it all look crazy cool…

Latest Iron Wind Metals BattleTech Miniatures Releases

Our art director, Brent, just put together the latest releases from Iron Wind Metals and snapped some photos to share (just put them on bases, no base coat).

From left to right, front to back, we have: Tiburon, Cardinal Transport VTOL, Vulpes, Tian-zong, and Orochi

As always, you can order these from your local game store, or if there isn’t one available, directly from Iron Wind Metals.

Expanding Your Gaming Space On a Budget

Two or three years ago I completely re-worked my office and moved my old but sturdy desk (which I never used as a desk any more) into the middle of the room and threw a 4’ x 8’ x 0.5” plywood plank on top of it; I nailed/glued runners on the bottom to “latch” it into place on top of the desk.

It’s proved brilliant for creating a large gaming area for a variety of games. However, I’ve begun to spin up my BattleTech campaign, which uses a lot of terrain (the photo below is our game this last Thursday).

But I only use that terrain every two weeks on our Thursday night BattleTech campaign, which means it’s clogging up the table. And to either disassemble or move it off to some other table every time is annoying and time consuming. I want to be gaming, not spending that much time re-arranging everything for a game that only comes every two weeks. (While I’m discussing BattleTech here, it can equally be applied to almost any terrain intensive miniatures game where you don’t want to be constantly putting the scene together you’ll be using and and then taking it down.)

So I finally had the idea of simply creating a double-deck table. Less than $50 nabbed me another 4’ x 8’ x 0.5” plywood sheet, along with a 3.5” x 3.5” beam. Then 90 minutes with my neighbors’ table saw and hand sanding and I cut a dozen and a half 4” tall posts.

I drop a few trees down low that were more than 4” high, take 60 seconds to carefully remove two center pieces from the terrain, then another 60 seconds to place my posts around the table and then lift the new plank on top. I can do it myself with a C-clamp and rope, but far easier to have someone help (you can see the the top plank just hanging out off to the right of the room in the photo above).

And a new game can be set up to start playing nice and quick on the top deck.

Ultimately the boys ended up playing that Leviathans game, then moved onto Ricochet Robot (one of my all time favorites) and finally Balance of Poweras you can tell from the wonderfully messy game table (I had to miss that evening of gaming, unfortunately).

The best part is it was cheap and incredibly easy to put together. While it doubled my gaming space, allowing me to leave set-up larger, more intensive terrain games and still play a variety of other games in the same space in between the big campaigns.

Hopefully this provides some inspiration for how you can cheaply and easily increase your gaming space to play more games! ‘Cause, you know…play more games!


Valiant Universe RPG Starter Bundle

DriveThruComics is running a great Valiant Universe RPG Starter Bundle sale!

Over 200 pages of thought-provoking, action-packed comics, the 208-page roleplaying game, along with the quick-start rules thrown in for good measure, all for a fantastic price.

Check it out!

Let’s Try That Again…CatBug Cosplay

Last week I posted a photo of a CatBug Cosplay we ran into at the Bee & PuppyCat panel at NYCC (the show premiers November 6!). However, I posted it from my phone, after receiving it from another phone and well…ultimately it didn’t turn out very well.

It’s such a great cosplay (and she was so awesome), really wanted to post it again for the full effect (she handed out dozens and dozens of peanut butter squares she made herself!).

Shadowrun: Lockdown Cover Illustration

We’ve started showing art from the in-development Run Faster, the next core rulebook for Shadowrun. But we’ve got some other great sourcebooks coming down the line real soon, including Lockdown, a sourcebook that develops cross-over plots  between the Shadowrun Tabletop RPG and Shadowrun Online.

Here’s the cover illustration, as well as a quick blurb on its contents.

The voices are getting louder. Strange voices, dissonant voices, sometimes babbling nonsense, sometimes telling stories too unbelievable to be true. People are falling prey to the voices, losing their identities as someone or something else slips into their skin. It’s affecting people at all levels of society, from squatters in burned-out warehouses to corporate CEOs. It’s spreading, and at the moment no one can figure out how to stop it. Boston-based NeoNET is at the center of this storm, which means the panic is spreading through the streets of the northeastern sprawl. People are scared and people are dying, which means that there are large sums of money to be made by any shadowrunner willing to brave those chaotic streets. Finding work won’t be the problem. Getting out of the sprawl, however, will be.

Lockdown is a plot sourcebook for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition with plot hooks, setting details of Boston, character details, and surprising reveals that will keep characters on their toes and running for their lives.