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You Going To Be At Pax Prime?!

If you’re going to be a Pax Prime this weekend…enjoy! Total, fantastic sensory over-load of all-things computer games. However, after the main halls close, stop on by Room 213 and enjoy a plethora of great TableTop action.

Here’s a photo of our room last year.

And here’s an announcement of all the games to play and new games we’ll have for sale.

Hope to see ya there!


Gen Con 2014: Valiant!

I’ve provided a lot of posts here covering the Valiant Universe RPG over the last few months, but it’s still pretty stunning to think that 10 months ago I had no idea who or what Valiant was and now we’ve got a published RPG in our hands!

Brent had way too much fun putting this fantastic display together.

We had a ton of freebies, including our Valiant Universe RPG QSR, as well as Valiant shipped us a huge quantity of their pullbox preview comic. We ran out of the QSR and put a huge dent into the preview comic (I’ll discuss those cool miniatures in this photo in a future post).

And of course we ran a ton of Valiant Universe RPG demos (with the immersive help of some fantastic Valiant art on a big banner).

We’re incredibly pleased with Valiant’s launch…stay tuned for a lot more cool stuff coming down the pipeline.

And if you’re just now discovering this Tumblr and the Valiant Universe RPG, absolutely check out our Valiant page that includes previews, videos of game play action and a pile of free PDFs, including the Quick-Start Rules that will have you playing in no time!


Gen Con 2014: Bravest Warriors!

In the coming days (and perhaps weeks) I’ll be sharing various aspects of Gen Con. Since I was just playing Bravest Warriors with my kids, thought it appropriate to share photos of that first.

We had a great new demo area background banner for Bravest Warriors that was double sided so we could mix-it up every other day.

And yes, the 12-year-old is teaching the demo (and one of the few times there was only 2 people there and not packed 6 or more around the table).

We brought several hundred decks…and here’s the last one about to sell out on Saturday.

And Bee from Bee & Puppycat decided to stop on by and try our game out!

Over-all, Bravest Warriors rocked for its first show. We’ll be sharing more details about the game, including the rules, print & play cards and more, real soon.

Look for the game on store shelves for the holidays!


Valiant Universe QSR: Harbinger Renegades PDF

If you were able to attend a Free RPG Day event at your local game store at the end of June, you had a chance to grab a print copy of this booklet.

But if you weren’t able to snag it, for what ever reason, you can download the free PDF now (just scroll down the page slightly and click on the image that matches the one above). It brings the Harbinger Renegades into the fantastic crossfire comic of the Harbinger Wars, and fully concludes the epic Valiant RPG Digital Initiative

If you’re just hearing about the Valiant Universe RPG now, feel free to download the above PDF, or any of the PDFs on our Valiant page, read reviews (at the top of that page), or dive straight into grabbing the PDF. Or, if you’re attending Gen Con, stop on by and pick up the print book (those unable to attend will have to wait a few more weeks for a print copy).

Viking TV Show Coming To TableTop Gaming

We just announced this morning that Catalyst will be publishing games based upon the TV show “Vikings”. 

We’re crazy excited about this development. And of course we have an in-depth board game coming, created by the great, new up-and-coming game designers, Team Weasel

However, before that comes out, we’ve got another game just about to head to print, Jarl: The Vikings Tile-Laying Game.

Last year we published The Duke, a tile laying game with a fantastically unique mechanic that’s quickly won it critical acclaim and awards….and it’s just crazy fun to play.

We knew almost from the start that we’d be taking the mechanics of The Duke and laying over the Vikings theme, with a slew of great new tiles to learn and master.

However, we wanted to take it a step further. Instead of the great wood feel of The Duke, we decided we wanted to create a “stone” feel. So we’re working with the manufacturer to create something akin to, well, dominos is the closest material I can think of (or dice for those that have that type of dice).

We even are working on creating “distressing” (i.e. damage) so it looks like it was chiseled when it was created. Below is a sample of the tile, along with some dice that better shows that the file tile will have a light and dark, “mottled” look, like granite.

Obviously we’ll be talking lots more about the Jarl, as well as the board game, in the coming weeks and months.


The Duke Interactive Demo

We’re super excited to show off our new Interactive Demo for our fantastic tile-laying game, The Duke; just click on the "Start" graphic on The Duke page and you’ll be flowing through the mechanics of the game.

It’s also back in stock so you can order it from your local game store, or online if you don’t have a store near you!

Check it out, play it, enjoy it!